Round-table Forum

Interactive web-based conferences, conducted in a discussion format, provide an inexpensive, convenient way to explore and apply many transformational techniques. Many topics are discussed that fall into the categories of efficient practice management, growing your practice, leadership techniques and helping your clients grow their businesses and improve their lives.

Practice Management Series

Foundational Practice Management:  Practice Transformation for the Small Firm 

Foundational practice management systems specifically geared towards creating greater efficiency and stability within the small firm. This is the starting point for gaining (or regaining) control of your practice. 

CPE:  1 credit hour - Personal Development

Advanced Leveraging 

Review of leveraging techniques including delegation, team scheduling, managing interruptions, adding new services and client management.  

CPE:  1 credit hour - Personal Development

CLINIC:   Practice Management 

Discussion based practice management clinic. Provides the opportunity for you to work alongside other Network members, present actual situations you and your firm are experiencing and work through them to find practical solutions. 

The Website 

The website has replaced the business card as the premier introduction piece for firms looking to retain and grow their client base. This webinar covers crucial qualities, common mistakes, time leveraging and other points necessary for launching and maintaining a successful site. 

Coaching Series

Foundational Coaching:   Adding Revenue though Coaching

This is the primary way firms in the Network increase billable rates and add revenue to their bottom line. This class provides core information on de-commoditizing your firm through coaching methodologies. (1 hour)

Participants will:  Understand how commoditization affects our core services, understand what clients are seeking from their CPAs in today's marketplace, learn how we need to shift how we view our clients, and learn the foundational building blocks of a complete engagement.

In order to register, select the day and time from the drop-down menu below, and click "add to cart."  In order to be awarded the full credit, you must complete an evaluation form that includes codes given out by the instructor.

CPE:  1 credit hour - Communications & Marketing

Developing Coaching Skills

Reviews our unique and proprietary methods of coaching as a trusted advisor and covers the basics of getting started; the what and how. Topics range from the coaching mindset and involving your team to creating opportunities and providing true value.

CPE:  1 credit hour - Personal Development

Professional Service Agreements Session I: Creating Professional Service Agreements

The PSA is the Network’s proprietary system for establishing coaching engagements with individual clients. Because the largest part of the revenue base for most firms is the individual client roster, the PSA is built around the concept of expanded financial oversight. This is important for delivering additional value through expert guidance

CPE:  2 credit hours - Communications & Marketing

Professional Service Agreements Session II: Advanced Planning, Advanced Coaching & Tax Planning 

Covers oversight and guidance for advanced planning issues, including planning fundamentals, risk, estate preservation, retirement lifestyle planning, integrating tax planning and positioning.

CPE:  2 credit hours - Communications & Marketing

CLINIC:  Establishing Professional Service Agreements

Discussion based Individual PSA creation clinic. Work alongside other Network members; learn how to recognize potential roadblocks and develop an effective PSA creation system.


Coaching Small Businesses 

This comprehensive class explains everything you need to know to begin creating coaching engagements with your business clients. A common starting point for all Network firms in order to increase billable rates and revenue.

CLINIC:  Establishing Business Professional Service Agreements

Discussion based PSA creation clinic with a business client focus. Work alongside other Network members; learn how to recognize potential roadblocks and develop an effective Small Business PSA creation system.


Creating Additional Cash Flow for Business Clients 

In today’s economy, maximizing cash flow is critical for small business success. This webinar covers 17 often overlooked operational areas that lock up cash flow. Review practical and efficient ways you can help your clients reduce costs and free up additional cash. Includes how to identify the opportunities and present them to your clients in an effective manner.

Succession Planning 

Many business owners want to see their efforts carried on through the next generation of family, or at the least, continue to serve the community through other competent ownership. Regardless of when they plan to leave, by taking succession planning steps now, your clients considering retirement can identify and cultivate the next company leaders, increasing the intrinsic value of their business. This can result in a much smoother transition and help to effectively carry on the operations, culture and reputation of their lifelong work.

Retirement Plan Options 

Understand the basics of various retirement plan options and help guide your clients in making informed decisions as they design the best retirement packages for their businesses. 

Leadership Series

Foundational Leadership:  Redefining Your Role 

Clients aren't simply seeking a service provider; service providers are a dime a dozen.  What they're really seeking is a leader--someone to guide them through the complexities of today's information-ridden world.  Learn how to de-commoditize your practice and position yourself as a true leader to your clients, paving the way for increased revenue.

CPE:  1 credit hour - Personal Development

Advanced Leadership:  Successful Change 

Break old habits restricting your life and the growth of your firm. Our most important webinar for across the board improvements, with specific methodologies for helping you create the new behaviors necessary for a more productive, efficient and enjoyable life.

Quantifiable Hope 

Although things may appear bleak, this class provides powerful positive direction, offering statistical evidence supporting the bright financial future for our nation; a future that could be awaiting your clients.

Growing Your Practice

(FGP) Foundational Growing Your Practice:  Acquiring New Engagements 

Learn how to guide clients through the Parental Authority Method. This is essential to creating client dependence and expanding engagements with both new and existing clients.

CPE:  1 credit hour - Communications and Marketing

Growing Your Practice I:    Foundational Marketing Principles & Identifying the Need 

The most important step Professionals can take is a complete accurate self-assessment of what needs to be improved in their practice growth process. Learn the key components of effective rainmaking in today’s culture, from maximizing the results of marketing dollars spent to branding and setting yourself apart.

Growing your Practice II:    Developing the Plan and Establishing & Implementing the Engagement 

The ability to develop solid rapport with your clients (or potential clients) is paramount to obtaining and renewing client engagements. Discover what motivates prospects to enter into new engagements and the reasons behind the motivations. Learn to create a synergetic relationship and build the best client rapport.

Establishing the engagement is the final part of the marketing process, yet the one where many falls short. As a natural extension of Parental Authority leadership, this approach is highly effective and ultimately the most comforting to the client.

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