Business & Client Development Solutions

Business & Client Development Solutions are sessions for business development, positioning for expanded engagements and to deliver value to clients in a leveraged way. 

Business Development Series

This comprehensive business development series is built to address critical issues that all businesses face. Your clients can benefit from the exclusive resources that the Network offers, bringing unique solutions for the challenges they face.

This series consists of seven interactive web-based workshops held regularly

Advanced Marketing Techniques 

Get the best results for your marketing dollars. Learn procedures and strategies that help assure strong results. See how to apply the right marketing tools for maximum benefit for your unique business.

Increasing Sales Results 

Explore the concepts behind our proprietary sales system, Parental Authority Coaching. Discover how to relate effectively to clients in today’s culture.

Small Business Leadership 

Discover your natural leadership abilities and strengths. Create a workable plan to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Management I 

Fundamental management techniques every business owner needs to be aware of.

Management II 

Help your team develop greater productivity through leveraging individual strengths and improve synergy while learning to apply successful team-building techniques.

Fraud Prevention 

Business Fraud is a rising concern, especially for smaller businesses.  Make fraud prevention a priority; take the necessary steps to prevent fraud before it happens.

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses 

There are many types of retirement plans, each one with different attributes.  This workshop first reviews the most common - SEP and 401(k) - then shows you the other options, along with factors you need to be aware of to determine the best plan for your business.

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